Ruang Siswa Education

Ruang Siswa Education are online and offline lessons for elementary, middle and high school students who provide quality learning services and facilities to help the government in efforts to equalize the quality of education in Indonesia.

As an online and offline tutoring (bimbel), Ruang Siswa Education has a vision As a learning medium to accelerate the quality of educational equity in Indonesia. To achieve this vision, Ruang Siswa Education has a mission to be a provider of online and offline tutoring in Indonesia that makes learning fun with superior quality supported by the latest technology without expensive costs.


Bimbel Ruang Siswa Education (RSE) is a space for students to gather both directly (offline) and indirectly (online). RSE is a different course from the existing ones. The difference between RSE and other lessons that can be felt by students is the question-based RSE, RSE has a report (record / report) of student learning outcomes while taking lessons in RSE. This report is important for both students and parents because this report can find out how far students are prepared to face the UN and SBMPTN. In addition, RSE has a Grade System that functions to find out the current position of students and student positions after following the tutoring process at RSE

At RSE, every day students are given the freedom to practice questions online (through their own devices). Students and parents do not need to worry when students experience difficulties when working on problems because students are given the opportunity to meet with mentors directly to discuss problems that are difficult for students. Do not rule out the possibility, held individual courses and small groups (private lessons) on certain subjects if students or parents want. All this of course at an affordable price.

RSE has a comfortable room for students to study. With air-conditioned classrooms that are quite spacious, as well as supporting facilities and infrastructure (projectors and tablets), will make students more comfortable when studying at RSE. In addition, a calm environment around RSE helps students to focus more on learning. For parents who have a car, there is no need to worry about parking their vehicles when delivering their sons to the RSE because RSE has a large parking area (10 cars can be filled).


Aside from being a gathering place for students, RSE is a gathering place for mentors (both those who sit on the lecture bench, and who have completed their studies). Mentors at RSE work on a freelance basis. This means that the mentor will be paid by RSE when the mentor has done the teaching (both offline at RSE or student's home, or online from their respective places) requested by RSE students or requested by RSE admins. With this model, mentors will get extra income without having to come to the RSE or to students who want to take private lessons. In other words, RSE will bridge the mentor and students to hold the teaching and learning process both directly (offline) and indirectly (online).

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